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For ladies living that hospitality life.




Ladies of Restaurants

L.O.R. (Ladies of Restaurants) is a UK based initiative supporting women who work in the hospitality industry.

We’re a club, a union, a forum - part saloon, part salon. Individually, we make the F&B business run; collectively, we make sure women get a fair shake. We host panel talks, training sessions, dinner parties and sometimes just a good old fashioned knees up. We work to make the female culture in the industry better.

L.O.R. is not for patriarchy hating or people who believe working in a restaurant is a stop-gap job that leads you nowhere. We believe working in hospitality is fu**ing great, and something to be proud of.

- L.O.R.



About Natalia Ribbe

Natalia Ribbe is a German/American transplant who moved to London in 2012 after working her way up from bar back to Hospitality Manager in Vienna and New York. From the lavish dining rooms of David Bouley and Le Cirque to the high volume, server boot camp of Blue Water Grill to the casual American fine dining of Tom Colicchio, Natalia worked from Michelin to dive bar but always felt a lack of value. Where were the women in glossy magazines talking about Riesling and all the different parts of the pig you can eat? Or how magical it looks like to work at bar of Gramercy Tavern.  

The conversation around an industry people adore so much was only being noticed for a fraction of what it accomplishes. So in 2016 L.O.R. was set up to help promote the industry, support the women currently in it and encourage a new generation to join. Initially as gatherings down the pub to have a natter and commiserate, but slowly it has become a network of women across the industry in London, Manchester, Liverpool and even as far reaching as Helsinki, Finland. She loves wine and you will usually find her behind her laptop propping up the bar at Lyle’s.

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In Conversation

Our In Conversation events are our way of getting L.O.R.’s together to talk about topics that matter to them. We get an inspiring panel together to talk through their own experiences and thoughts on the matter at hand. We always eat and drink some drinks - naturally - and hopefully you leave with a new friend or two + some insight.



In Training

Furthering your knowledge in hospitality can be expensive and sometimes a bit boring (teacher dependent). We want to learn more, from the best and also have fun while we are doing it. Our In Training sessions cover areas of the industry you want to learn more about, in an inviting environment and hosted by a leading lady in their are of expertise.


Get involved

Do you want to host an event, speak on a panel, write something for us or deliver a training?



In Words

Here is where we share stories, pet peeves, air out our grievances and profile great women doing great things in restaurants and hotels.




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