Ladies of Restaurants

L.O.R. (Ladies of Restaurants) is a UK-based initiative supporting women who work in the hospitality industry.

We’re a club, a union, a forum - part saloon, part salon. Individually, we make the F&B business run; collectively, we make sure women get a fair shake. We host panel talks, training sessions, dinner parties and sometimes just a good old-fashioned knees up. We work to make the female culture in the industry better.

We believe working in hospitality is fu**ing great,
and something to be proud of.

- L.O.R.

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Natalia Ribbe, Founder

I’m Natalia, the woman behind L.O.R. I’m 50/50 German/American and I moved to London in 2012 from NYC, where I worked on the floor for David Bouley, Le Cirque, Blue Water Grill and Tom Colicchio. I then moved into a marketing and events role, before going it on my own in 2014 and working on any food/hospitality-driven project I could get my hands on.



While I love working in a restaurant, I always felt like the world was telling me to have an office job. Why didn’t I read about people working in restaurants in my favourite glossy magazines, or watch them in movies? If I did, they were hunting for their “real” job or waiting to win the lottery/meet prince charming/ anything other than enjoy their job in the restaurant. Were there other women who felt the same? Turns out yes! So what started as a friendly jolly down the pub to commiserate with fellow women in hospo over long hours, unfair treatment and really just general swapping of guest horror stories; L.O.R. was born.

I love restaurants almost as much as I love wine, but what I love the most are the people I have met along the way, the skills I have learned in every position or with every project and taking care of people.

If you ever see me around, please say hello - my third favourite hobby after drinking and eating is most certainly, talking.