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For ladies living that
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Ladies of Restaurants

L.O.R. (Ladies of Restaurants) is a UK-based initiative supporting women who work in the hospitality industry.

We’re a club, a union, a forum - part saloon, part salon. Individually, we make the F&B business run; collectively, we make sure women get a fair shake. We host panel talks, training sessions, dinner parties and sometimes just a good old-fashioned knees up. We work to make the female culture in the industry better.

We believe working in hospitality is fu**ing great,
and something to be proud of.

- L.O.R.

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Natalia Ribbe, Founder

I’m Natalia, the woman behind L.O.R. I’m 50/50 German/American and I moved to London in 2012 from NYC, where I worked on the floor for David Bouley, Le Cirque, Blue Water Grill and Tom Colicchio. I then moved into a marketing and events role, before going it on my own in 2014 and working on any food/hospitality-driven project I could get my hands on.



While I love working in a restaurant, I always felt like the world was telling me to have an office job. Why didn’t I read about people working in restaurants in my favourite glossy magazines, or watch them in movies? If I did, they were hunting for their “real” job or waiting to win the lottery/meet prince charming/ anything other than enjoy their job in the restaurant. Were there other women who felt the same? Turns out yes! So what started as a friendly jolly down the pub to commiserate with fellow women in hospo over long hours, unfair treatment and really just general swapping of guest horror stories; L.O.R. was born.

I love restaurants almost as much as I love wine, but what I love the most are the people I have met along the way, the skills I have learned in every position or with every project and taking care of people.

If you ever see me around, please say hello - my third favourite hobby after drinking and eating is most certainly, talking.





In Stories

We all have stories. Here is where we share comedic moments from the floor, heartbreaking truths from behind closed doors and inspiring heroines that have helped us along the way.




Send us a story!

Have you got a funny encounter with a guest? A few tidbits you want to share with L.O.R. community?
How about just a good old fashioned VENT!


Upcoming events



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L.O.R. In House

L.O.R. leads positive action which addresses the gender gap in the hospitality industry. 

We invest in women. Boosting their confidence, developing their abilities and supporting career progression, so that we see more women enter the industry and sustain successful careers.

We work in collaboration with employers to ensure that female talent is recognised and supported from recruitment to senior roles.

If you are interested please email



L.O.R Job posting

Hiring is a nightmare - there are no two ways about it.
We want to help you reach the right people for your team, and the L.O.R. community is here for you to talk to! 



In Conversation


Our In Conversation events are our way of getting L.O.R.’s together to talk about topics that matter to them. We get an inspiring panel together to talk through their own experiences and thoughts on the matter at hand. We always eat and drink some drinks - naturally - and hopefully you leave with a new friend or two + some insight.



In Training

Furthering your knowledge in hospitality can be expensive and sometimes a bit boring (teacher dependent). We want to learn more from the best and also have fun while we are doing it. Our In Training sessions cover areas of the industry you want to learn more about, in an inviting environment and hosted by a leading lady in their area of expertise.



Join the pack.

We want/need help. Do you want to host an event? Do you have something to say? Maybe you just want to share an idea!