Firsts & Lasts with… Bianca Tuckwell, Marketing Manager & Content Creator, Ozone Coffee Roasters

First & Lasts

It is said that the two most important moments in a restaurant are the moment you walk in the door – the hello – and the last bite you take, the last person you speak to – the end/goodbye. But so much of our life is shaped by first and lasts, so here we profile amazing women of the industry, talking about some of their first and last moments...

Bianca grew up in Northern NSW Australia on an avocado farm and spent her earlier years working in a variety of vocations and roles including recruitment consultancy, (kitchen) design, marketing and charity. Just shy of her thirties, Bianca embarked on her undergraduate education and graduated with First Class Honours (Photography). Bianca is now Global Marketing Manager and Content Creator at Ozone Coffee Roasters based in Shoreditch London (and from October, Bethnal Green as well).


First kiss: Me - underage at a Byron Bay (Australia) rave (and by rave I mean mostly full of hippies dancing like they’re catching seagulls). Him - a Swedish backpacker.

First cocktail ordered on a night out: Dry Gin Martini - with olives. Always.

First food poisoning: Bad turkey. The meat, not the place - never been but I’m sure it’s incredible.

First job in hospitality: Waitress in a café in Paddington, Brisbane. I was so bad at carrying coffees they permanently put me behind the espresso machine instead - result.

First thing you do to unwind after work: Lately it’s been find the closest bike and ride it. No, that’s not a euphemism. I literally hunt down the closest Uber JUMP bike and cycle home along the canal.

First thing you do in the middle of a hellish service/day at work to stay level headed: Put on Jóhann Jóhannsson “Flight From The City”, breathe… and write a list. That or distract myself momentarily by having a laugh. I never have to go far - the Ozone crew are gold for bants and giggles.

First thing you do when you wake up: Press “Snooze”. 

My dad told this great story about a friend of his that would wake up, walk to the window, look out and exclaim joyfully: “WOW! Another day!!” 

I don’t do that - but I should. We all should.

First thing you do when you plan a holiday: Mooch through accommodation that’s out of my budget… then settle for what I can afford. 

“Aaah look it has an infinity bath and underfloor heating”. 

*changes filter to ‘lowest price first’*

We’ve all been there. #generationselftorture

Last thing you bought at an off license: Offi’s are dangerous and much like IKEA. I went in for milk came out with 2 G&T’s, some Turkish flat bread and a £1 scratchie.

Last three favourite places you ate in:

  1. Pophams Hackney

  2. Bodega Rita’s, Coal Drops Yard

  3. Dusty Knuckle, Dalston

Last song you listened to: Just the last one? I’m obsessed with music - ask anyone I know… I think I lose about 10 followers daily with all the tracks I share online. Music is a soundtrack to a day/moment. It’s a healer. It’s an energiser. It’s a communicator and it’s one of my bestest friends. Oh, to answer your question: Hot Chip, ‘In The Privacy Of Our Love’.

Last podcast you listened to and what did you take away from it: Adam Buxton w. James Acaster. It gave me a deeper appreciation for James Acaster - mainly because his latest stage wardrobe is a shellsuit and he introduced me to Paul Williams - a rad Kiwi musician. Look him up.

Last glass of wine you really enjoyed & where: A chilled glass of Aligotè in bed.

Last time you had a proper day off and what did you do with it: I was in Berlin. Walked around flea markets mostly. Bliss.

Last time you exercised (body or mind): Yesterday. Spinning to really loud late 80’s and early 90’s hits is the best fun coz you can sing along badly and no one can hear… I hope.

Last review you read and agreed with: “Great coffee. Great Atmosphere. Great food. Great staff.” Jon Slater Google review for Ozone Coffee Roasters ;)

Natalia Ribbe