Firsts & Lasts with... Ann Marie del Bello, Group Bar Manager at Hoppers

First & Lasts

It is said that the two most important moments in a restaurant are the moment you walk in the door – the hello – and the moment you leave, the last bite you take, the last person you speak to – the end/goodbye. But so much of our life is shaped by first and lasts, so here we profile amazing women of the industry, talking about some of their first and last moments...

Ann Marie del Bello is currently Group Bar Manager at Hoppers. Veteran Beverage Director at Loring Place and ABC Kitchen & Cocina, she has been a passionate hospitality professional for the last decade, and has earned beverage recognition from the The New York Times, Food and Wine, MSNBC, and Eater. Anne Marie draws inspiration from the story behind artisanal makers and the team to create a fun and educational experience throughout. A lover of classics, she is also inspired by innovation and who or what is new, and is known for her focus on simplicity and letting the ingredients shine through. 

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First kiss: Boy who lived next door to Aunt Linda’s house.

First cocktail ordered on a night out: Vodka and cranberry.

First food poisoning: Pizza in high school. 

First job in hospitality: Server at the Summit Club in Columbia, South Carolina. I wore a full tux. 

First thing you do to unwind after work: Eat a cookie. 

First thing you do in the middle of a hellish service/day at work to stay level headed: Go straight to the person who will make me smile first.

First thing you do when you wake up: Cuddle with my cockapoo, Sadie, and the fiancée. 

First thing you do when you plan a holiday: Look at where to eat. 

Last thing you bought at an off license: Have yet to have that opportunity. Anyone want to take me?

Last three favourite places you ate in:

  1. Amrutha in Wandsworth

  2. Family meal on Saturday at Hoppers

  3. Scully  

Last song you listened to: Summertime - Fresh Prince of BelAir. 

Last podcast you listened to and what did you take away from it: Marie Forleo: Everything is “Figureoutable”, on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations. I took away the message that when everything is not going your way, there is always a way out.

Last glass of wine you really enjoyed & where: Vigneti Massa Derthona at River Cafe

Last time you had a proper day off and what did you do with it: Made avocado toast, walked to treat myself with a coffee, went to the park and walked Sadie, ordered local Indian, and watched the l word. 

Last time you exercised (body or mind): Yoga, last week.

Last review you read and agreed with: Everything about how Game of Thrones ended. 

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