L.O.R Survey Results 2019

We asked, you answered. In June this year, we sent out 10 questions designed to get to the bottom of who you are, what you want and what we can do for you. Thank you to everyone who took part. Your answers were illuminating, at times upsetting, and also heartwarming. Here’s a breakdown of the results. 


Our stats seem to confirm the age-old cliche that men work in the kitchen, and women welcome the guests. We’re also seeing what we all already feel to be true - a depressingly low percentage of women in management positions. 

London we love you, but where are our regional L.O.R’s? We know you’re out there. If you're reading this, please spread the word amongst colleagues, acquaintances, friends and family. 


5.14 is shockingly low for a work/life balance rating. But is it actually a surprise? Anyone who’s worked in service is well-acquainted with the long, unsocial hours and accompanying lack of routine, which in turn affects everything from sleep to diet to social life. It’s often considered ‘just part of the job’. But should it be? (the answer is no). There should be a way of working hard and getting results without working yourself into the ground. 

Another interesting takeaway is that emotionally taxing ‘obstacles’ (lack of respect and self worth) far outweigh the burden of ‘practical’ issues (such as the pay gap and working hours). The Me Too movement has brought us far, but a seismic cultural shift is still needed before women get the respect they deserve across the board. Coming together as a community, talking through issues and learning from other women will hopefully have a hugely positive impact on this. 


Confidence really is key. Regrettably, most women we speak to are suffering from a chronic lack of it, despite being incredibly talented and professionally capable. Just imagine what we could do if we believed we could do it.

Lastly, some great soundbites… 

Are there any skills you feel would help you progress in your career?

.Where to begin.

I want to get more of this empowerment that I see in some women.

If we had a membership scheme, how much would you pay per month/year and what kind of perks would you like included?

I live in London, I have zero spare money. 

What three things would improve the quality of your working day?

Less swearing in my face. 

More money/less bullshit. 

What does job satisfaction look like to you?

One dream one team. 

If you’ve been affected by reading this in any way, or would like to get in touch about what we do, please email ladies@ladiesofrestaurants.com.

Natalia Ribbe