In Conversation


Old School v. New School

A discussion about the behavioural changes in the hospitality scene and the role of women within.

Held at The Petersham/La Goccia - Covent Garden


Zoe Paskin (The Palomar, The Barbary, Jacob & The Angel & Blue Posts)
Zuleika Fennel (Managing Director, Corbin & King)
Ben Matthews (Head of Operations, Harts Group)
Henny Fox (previous Restaurant Manager, La Goccia)
Sarah Pearce (Restaurant Manager, The Petersham) 
Damian Clisby (Executive Chef, The Petersham)
James Ramsden (Pidgin)

Talk of changes in and out of the hospitality industry have been a hot topic in the news. Not only that, but the changing lifestyle choices of millennials and generations younger, who choose to abstain from drinking or drink less have altered the stereotypical habits of someone who works in hospitality. Has it changed entirely? Has what was once a drug fuelled career seeing a tamer and more balanced approach to life? 

An expert panel of both novice and tenured discussed their own 'coming up’ in the hospitality industry - how have things grown and where do they need to improve further? Are the days of yelling and swearing in kitchens (both front and back of house) gone? Is there a lesson to be learned from a hard chef or manager or is it bringing down moral. Also, our first panel featuring men.


Property Talk with Julia Wilkinson & Camilla Topham


Somewhere between a training and a talk, we held a meet up in the boardroom of one of the most prestigious restaurant real estate firms, Shaftesbury.

With Julia Wilkinson, Shaftesbury's Portfolio & Group Restaurant Strategy Executive and Camilla Topham, founder of Distrkt. We spoke about what landlords are looking for in a space, how to put together a great landlord pack and what a not so great one looks like, the pros and cons of crowdfunding, finance and some key tips on how to set-up a successful restaurant. 


Your questions answered.


In one of our first events ever, we had YOU write the questions. An evening of queries, qualms and quick-witted questions asked and answered by L.O.R.’s. On arrival, we asked everyone to write a question on a post-it and slap it up on the wall. We then chose at random the concerns you wanted to discuss with a stellar panel of fierce females, including:

Frances Cottrell Duffield (Founder, Tonic Communications)

Scarlett Dixon (co-founder of Crumble)

Natalie Chassay (co-founder of Placed and freelance marketeer - as well as a badass Psycle instructor)

Evita Rasa (GM, Pho).