In Training


How to learn to love natural wine and meditate


In our first In Training in Manchester we partnered with co-founder of Love + Labour Katie Jensen, talking through how she fell in love with low intervention wines and yoga teacher to the restaurant scene, Sasha Mijus for a pre-wine tasting meditation.

We kicked things off with a chat around how we as hospitality folk unwind, the good and the bad, before moving into a short guided meditation to be used before, during or after service. Then Katie walked us through wines from some of her favourite wine makers and the bottles that made her fall in love with natural wine. Plus beautiful snacks put on by Pollen Bakery and a chance to meet some fellow L.O.R.'s in Manchester. 


‘Petrol,’ ‘cats pee,’ ‘meaty’, ‘masculine’

- the language we often use to talk about wine is something that is both parodied and revered.

However, this glossary of sensory wine descriptors is relatively new, coinciding with the rise of wine appreciation courses in the 1960s. Poets and writers of the 19th century preferred metaphors to depict the character of the wine, whilst doctors in the 18th century talked about wine in medicinal terms and in relation to ‘diet’.  Aimee Hartley,  from magazine and events platform Above Sea Level tasted us through 5 wines, exploring how the language of wine has evolved and how we can find a more natural way to talk about it within and outside of the restaurant environment. 


Fizz, pop, sparkle, bubble 


For our fist ever In Training session, we had champagne expert and restaurant maven Sandia Chang walk us through a special Champagne tasting. We talked about the best way to open a bottle, "It should sound like a very sophisticated woman letting out gas” according to the expert herself, disgorgement, the difference between Champagne and other sparkling wines, how to sell to your guests and everything in between. We all left a little...bubbly?